We Love Bloopers #3

Today lets us enjoy some fine, fine goofball photos!

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Nyan Cat Ball

I love the Nyan Cat

Inspired by the cutest pop tart pet on teh interwebs, I made a Nyan Cat Ball!

The Nyan Cat Ball is all rainbow on the outside and pop tart on the inside. The fabrics are 100% cotton and the attitude is 100% silly!

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the Nyan Cat Ball.

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Unfortunately I’ve sold out of this fabric. I hope to find more of it because it was popular!

Easter Egg Cat Ball Giveaway

The wonderful and far reaching blog, Moderncat.net is hosting a product giveaway featuring my one of a kind Easter Egg Cat Ball!

This unique cat bed is modified from my standard design to look like an Easter Egg. The tiny opening on top is intended for kitty play time. All you have to do is dangle a toy in front of that hole and kitty paws will start poking through!

Here is the link to the Moderncat Facebook page. Be sure to visit, and good luck with the contest!


Stay Tuned!

Oh boy, oh boy! We have something planned!

I’m out of town this weekend and won’t be able to stay connected very well, so I thought I might just go ahead and put everyone on the alert! Umm….. just be sure to check Moderncat.net on Monday! Here is the link to the Moderncat Facebook page, too.

Mark it on your calendar! Visit Moderncat.net on Monday!

Space Kitteh

I thought it was possible that my cats might enjoy a bit of space exploration.

They like exploring, right? They like adventure, right? Well, shouldn’t they both want to be astronauts?

We will let the photos tell the story.

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I got some fun outtakes and bloopers from this photo shoot, so eventually I’ll do another post.

Feline Voting Booth Contraption

Tired of the political sandbox? Then get your kitteh to help with the vote!

OK. It isn’t really a voting booth. We all know that cats are too Independent to choose a party.

I was curious to see if my cats preferred one of these over the others. Maybe I could make my own voting decisions based on their preferences. As I took the photos, I realized they always preferred the one that the cat treat was in. Bribery is not limited to humans!

This silliness is available at my Etsy store or my Shopping Cart store.