How To Photograph Cats #4

Look. It isn’t easy to do.

They know that you’re up to something, so they either try to sniff the camera lens, or they walk away, so all you get is a close up of cat nose, or a long shot of cat bee-hind.

In this photo shoot, I’m using a radio control device so I can wrangle the cat into position and then take the photo, or at least that was the idea. I was having a hard time making the radio thing work though, and the end result is really hilarious serious of photos. Enjoy me looking like a complete dork in this set.

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Thanks to Pacer Stacktrain for taking time out of his busy birdwatching schedule to help me with this photo shoot!

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Kittens and the Green Thing!

I found this peculiar green fabric at a thrift store. It looks a lot better with kittens inside!

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We Love Bloopers #3

Today lets us enjoy some fine, fine goofball photos!

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Inky’s Watermelon

Not long ago, we participated in Seattle’s Average Joe Cat Show, which is a fun cat show for the common cat. We offered a Cat Ball as a door prize, and this was won by the Cat Clinic of NE Seattle. They were really excited because they have a few kitties who live at the clinic and they knew the cats might like the Cat Ball. So far the only cat who has been seen inside the Cat Ball is Inky. Doesn’t she look like a big black seed inside a watermelon?

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The Cat Clinic of NE Seattle is dedicated to cat care only, which we find ideal for our cats!

Zoe and the Cat Ball 2

Remember Zoe? She’s a cat who lives in a motor home and doesn’t like it when the air conditioner blows that horrible cold air onto her head. Here is a previous post on Zoe.

This photo of Zoe in her Cat Ball is totally hilarious!

Do you think that she snores?

Heads and Tails #4

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The Silly and Cute Things that Cats do

Sometimes I get the funniest, most charming photos during a photography session!

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Grey Ribbon Photoshoot

I first posted these photos in a post on how to photograph cats. Really, all you need to do is to be doing something that you don’t want them involved in. Then they show up and do something really interesting, like this: