Zoe and the Cat Ball 2

Remember Zoe? She’s a cat who lives in a motor home and doesn’t like it when the air conditioner blows that horrible cold air onto her head. Here is a previous post on Zoe.

This photo of Zoe in her Cat Ball is totally hilarious!

Do you think that she snores?

Scrapbooking Your Cat’s Napping Spots

This is a scrapbook page put together by Nikko’s human.

The story that I heard is that Nikko was rescued as a wee lad and bottle fed. Kudos to his people for taking on this huge job! I really appreciate people who adopt pets, especially black cats.

Nikko lives in Seattle and his people bought the Cat Canoe in an auction to support their local school. I love the story in the scrapbook, describing how Nikko simply knew that this new thing was for him!

More New Fabrics!

More new fabrics!

These fabrics can be used for the Cat Ball or the Cat Canoe. These fabrics are so new that I haven’t even made any cuts yet, so I haven’t created sample product for you to see. I’m really excited because these fabrics put me in a position to do larger production runs, and to create matching Cat Ball and Cat Canoe sets if anyone wants them.

These fabrics will be available through my Etsy and online shopping cart stores, I just haven’t listed them yet. If you love them and need a new awesome hand made cat bed right now, just send me a note!

Easter Egg Cat Ball Giveaway

The wonderful and far reaching blog, Moderncat.net is hosting a product giveaway featuring my one of a kind Easter Egg Cat Ball!

This unique cat bed is modified from my standard design to look like an Easter Egg. The tiny opening on top is intended for kitty play time. All you have to do is dangle a toy in front of that hole and kitty paws will start poking through!

Here is the link to the Moderncat Facebook page. Be sure to visit, and good luck with the contest!


Stay Tuned!

Oh boy, oh boy! We have something planned!

I’m out of town this weekend and won’t be able to stay connected very well, so I thought I might just go ahead and put everyone on the alert! Umm….. just be sure to check Moderncat.net on Monday! Here is the link to the Moderncat Facebook page, too.

Mark it on your calendar! Visit Moderncat.net on Monday!

New Fabrics!

I just scored some new fabrics and I’m really excited about them.

They are so new that I haven’t made (or photographed) any yet.

Most of these are in really small quantities, allowing me to make production runs of 5 units or less.

These will be available at my Etsy store and in my web store.

Cats Who Model

I’ve seen some cats on teh interwebz who are quite good at modeling. I bet you have, too. But have you seen this one? Handsome Abyssinian Toki (not his official name, but his ears look more like a “Toki” than a “GP Ataraxia Nantucket of Instincts”), the model for the Etsy shop CATatelier, is a great example of a good feline model. His exotic good looks really stand out, and he looks absolutely exceptional in Julie Song’s lovely designs. Isn’t he a debonair feline?

On the other hand, my two cats have gone on strike. Now they just go and sit in front of the Cat Ball and stare at me, refusing to get in and do cute things for the camera. They completely lack Toki’s grace and poise. My cats look like they came straight out of a white trash trailer park.

I really wish that my cats would learn a thing or two about modeling from Toki!