Wild Animal Fabric

It simply makes sense to use wild cat fabrics!

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Wood Grain Cat Canoe

I will warn you right now, there are some funny pictures in this set!

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Available in my Etsy store.

Sage Microfiber Cat Ball and Kittens

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Chocolate and Strawberry

This is so cute! I just love the feminine polka dots and ric rac! I’m so delighted with how this one turned out!

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Available at my Etsy Store.

The adorable collar was made by Etsy seller, Pugs2Persians. You can find it right here.

I highly recommend this seller!

Got Stripes?

The pictures here speak for themselves!

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How To Photograph Cats #4

Look. It isn’t easy to do.

They know that you’re up to something, so they either try to sniff the camera lens, or they walk away, so all you get is a close up of cat nose, or a long shot of cat bee-hind.

In this photo shoot, I’m using a radio control device so I can wrangle the cat into position and then take the photo, or at least that was the idea. I was having a hard time making the radio thing work though, and the end result is really hilarious serious of photos. Enjoy me looking like a complete dork in this set.

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Thanks to Pacer Stacktrain for taking time out of his busy birdwatching schedule to help me with this photo shoot!

My Cat Ball product is available in my Etsy Store, or directly from my shopping cart.

Orange Geo Surprise

These kittens are half Angora, half Siamese. They are vocal little guys, and make the oddest noises I’ve ever heard! We let them loose in this orange geo Cat Ball, and things got crazy really quickly!

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This Cat Ball is available at my Etsy store and at my web store.