I’m Jack, Snacker Jack

Hi, this is Jack. The adoption people called me “Snack Cake”, and then they called me “Snackers”. My new humans call me Jack, or Snacker Jack.

Jack's Favorite Cat BedI’m pretty much always hungry, and I’ve only brought home one dead mousie, and I like to lay on the kitchen floor under the Lady’s feet. I guess this is why she says I’m useless.

I am really warm and good at cuddling, and my fat belly probably makes me even snugglier. The Lady says I should get a job, but I think I’d rather stay at home.

I really love playing with the Lady’s Cat Ball things! I love to jump in them, through them and on them. I love sleeping in them, too. I also love chattering at birds and sucking on earlobes.

All of my toes are white, and the humans think that is cute.

Pot of Gold

Remember the legend of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

I followed this four legged leprechaun to his pot of gold. He got inside and took a nap all over that rainbow!

TheCatBall_SKU119_4-2 TheCatBall_SKU119_2 TheCatBall_SKU119_11 TheCatBall_SKU119_3This Cat Canoe uses a more delicate fabric than I normally use, so washing instructions are a bit different. I recommend:

  • Hand wash or spot clean is great!
  • Turn inside out before washing in a machine
  • Machine wash gentle, cold
  • DO NOT USE DRYER. The gold fabric doesn’t like this much heat. Reshape the damp Canoe and allow to air dry.

Available at my Etsy store or at my online store.

Batik Confetti Cat Beds

I have some cheerful, 100% cotton batik fabrics that are really nice to work with.

Here are examples of one of these batiks in the Cat Canoe:

Retro lounges in the Cat Canoe.

Retro lounges in the Cat Canoe.

Retro lounges in the Cat Canoe.

Retro lounges in the Cat Canoe.

Rocket demonstrates the Cat Ball.

Retro demonstrates the Cat Ball.

Rocket demonstrates the Cat Ball.

Rocket demonstrates the Cat Ball.

Available at my web store: http://shop.thecatball.com

or in my Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCatBall

New Cat Canoes

It is January 2013 and I have a bunch of new fabrics in the studio! Here are some new Cat Canoes now available:

TheCatBall_SKU123_18 TheCatBall_SKU123_17 TheCatBall_SKU123_19 TheCatBall_SKU124_24 TheCatBall__3 TheCatBall__2 TheCatBall__9 TheCatBall__15 TheCatBall__14The Cat Canoe is hand made in the USA and can be found in my Etsy store or at my online store.

Tard’s Cat Ball


OK, by now you’ve heard of Tard, the Grumpy Cat, right?

You know, the cat that always looks grumpy and unhappy. Her photos have made for some hysterical LOL cat commentary! Well, I was pretty excited to find this fabric, because lol and behold, it has a grumpy cat on it! No jokes!


“I had fun once. It was awful!”


“Worst apocalypse ever.”


“Of all the nine lives I’ve lived, this is the worst.”


“This is my happy face.”

This silly Cat Ball is available at my Etsy store, and coming soon to my web store!


The Cat Ball and Reality TV

If you love reality TV, especially shows about people who are a bit unusual, you probably already know about Preppers and how they prepare for the end of the world. No matter your preferred doomsday scenario, you’re going to need food, shelter and weaponry. Show your cat how much you care by providing him with the shelter he needs when the zombies begin to walk, the lava flows, and the economy crashes!


Wild Animal Fabric

It simply makes sense to use wild cat fabrics!

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Pretty Fall Fabrics

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I’ve been excited to work with some great new fabrics, and many have a great Fall look!

This one is a polyester microfiber with a soft, suede texture. The lining is 100% cotton, and the model is trouble with a capital “T”!