Wood Grain Cat Canoe

I will warn you right now, there are some funny pictures in this set!

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Available in my Etsy store.

Heads and Tails #4

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Grey Ribbon Photoshoot

I first posted these photos in a post on how to photograph cats. Really, all you need to do is to be doing something that you don’t want them involved in. Then they show up and do something really interesting, like this:

The Cat Cave Tryout

Some cats are like little trolls. They like to hide and peek out at you, watching safely from their private caves.

This silly blue thing was an experiment in creating a kitty cave. I really enjoyed watching Twix check it out! His tail is so freakishly long that it doesn’t quite all fit inside!

I previously posted this photo shoot here, and just learned about this nice web tool for making .gifs from the Glowgirly blog. She has provided a helpful two-part tutorial on how to create these animations, and alerted me to this easy to use web tool at MakeAGif.com that creates the .gif after you upload the photos.The tool is easy to use and the end result can be downloaded or shared with your friends!

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The Cat Ball in Person – Petpalooza

Attention cat lovers! The Cat Ball will be available in person at the upcoming Petpalooza in Auburn, Washington!

  • Auburn Petpalooza
  • Saturday May 19, 2012
  • 10: 00 am to 5:00 p.m.
  • The Dog Trot 3K/5K Fun Run starts at 9:30 AM
  • Auburn, Washington

This is a family event for everyone! There will be a “Dog Trot” fun run (expect some funny costumes), stage entertainment, Skyhoundz Disc Dog Championships, Seattle Flydogs demos, pony rides, the ‘Unleashed’ pet contests, agility areas, a noon pet parade, over 150 vendor booths, and a petting zoo!

Location: Game Farm Park
3030 R St. SE
Auburn, WA 98002

Official Website

Facebook Page

If anyone wants to lend me a tent for vending, let me know!

Dog Meets Cat Ball

I’ve been asked if dogs will use a Cat Ball. I’ve even been asked about hamsters, bunnies and ferrets. Well, they probably will. The bunnies might try to eat it, but all of these animals will probably give it a try. I just wasn’t expecting this:

I’ve included the kitten photo because this Cat Ball actually belongs to the kitten. Matilda the dog is just borrowing it for a nap!

Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles

The Best Friends Animal Society LA center recently had a grand opening event. This amazing organization is really active in finding great homes for pets and in supporting spay and neuter programs. Cats and dogs are designed to have incredible numbers of offspring in their lifetimes, and this is something that responsible pet owners need to control. Additionally, continually going into heat can cause health problems in our pets.

I was approached by Jackson Galaxy and Moderncat.net and asked to make some donations to Best Friends community cat room. My business is really young, less than a year old, and it isn’t easy for me to afford donations, but I love making donations to events and groups like this!


I sent a Jumbo Cat Ball, two standard Cat Balls and a Cat Canoe.I really wanted to send stuff that black cats would look great in, since black cats experience a lower adoption rate.

The feedback I got was that everyone (inkludng teh hoomans) was excited to see how fabulous the Community Cat Room looks!

If you would like to donate one of my hand made Cat Balls to the Best Friends Animal Shelter, or to any other pet shelter, please contact me! Donations like this are really rewarding, and I will also offer a discount for charity purchases.

Astronaut Cats Falling off the Table!

OK, I gave the surprise away already.

This Cat Ball was made with two small openings. I’ve never done this before (and for many reasons I’ll never do it again). Most cats can easily exit the Cat Ball through the small opening, but it can be difficult to enter the Cat Ball through the small opening because there is no weight inside, so he keeps pushing and pushing to enter, and eventually he pushed himself off the table….

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…. And then he got back up on the table and did it again off the other side! I was in stitches!


Thanks for the laughs, you guys!

Astronaut Cats Meet the Cat Ball!

Because cats are great explorers of everything, I figure they might want to venture into outer space. So I made a Astronaut Kitteh Cat Ball.

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Coming tomorrow! Astronaut Kittehs falling off of the table!

Heads and Tails #3

Have you ever tried to herd cats?

Photographing cats = herding cats.

They always seem to be running away from the camera, so I get a lot of goofy photos.

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