Custom Cat Ball – Baseball

I had a lot of fun working with this client. She really loves the Tampa Bay Rays, and decided to show her dedication with a Cat Ball!

We found the striped fabric at, and she bought it had had it shipped directly to me. The Tampa Bay Rays logo fabric was a really lucky find on .

New Fabrics and New Model!

I’m keeping my new model really busy during her visit. She’s getting pretty good with the camera now!

This product is all available at my shopping cart store and my Etsy store.

The Cat Ball is handmade in the USA.

Cat Chat With Cody and Caren

This is Cody. He’s pretty well known in the cat blogging world, ’cause he’s the featured cat at the friendly Cat Chat With Cody & Caren blog. I thought this arty photo of Cody in his Cat Ball was really interesting, and thanks to Caren for sharing it!

You can also find Caren and Cody on Facebook. Connect with Caren’s blog for sincere product reviews, friendly chatting and some wonderful giveaways!

House Guest

We have a house guest!

This tiny Himalayan has a tiny voice, and a bold approach. She loves boxes, shoelaces and Da Bird. She really loves Da Bird! She’s not afraid of heights, she’s good at climbing, and she is showing an inclination to sitting on the shoulder.

New Fabrics!

I just scored some new fabrics and I’m really excited about them.

They are so new that I haven’t made (or photographed) any yet.

Most of these are in really small quantities, allowing me to make production runs of 5 units or less.

These will be available at my Etsy store and in my web store.

Pot of Gold Cat Canoe

I used to work as a costume designer, which was perhaps an excuse to collect amazing and fascinating “costumy” fabrics, like gold lame. Now I have a closet full of this crazy stuff, and I’m not really making costumes any more. What do I do with it?

Introducing the Pot of Gold Cat Canoe! Designed for all kitties on this side of the Rainbow Bridge, the Pot of Gold Cat Canoe offers your kitty a nap time spot, no water required!

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They got disgusted with me after they realized that I had lied about the gold.

Eye Ball

Maybe I should wait for Halloween to post this one, but the fabrics and the photos are so funny! Who wants to wait for a laugh? Not me!


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