Shabby Chic and Country Quilting

I really like to provide something for everyone!

These fabrics might appeal to people who like the shabby chic and country quilting looks.

These fabrics are currently available. At the time of publication I have enough stock on hand to offer customization options, so if you have any special requests, I may be able to accommodate them.


My batik fabrics have arrived!

These 100% cotton batiks are colorful, high quality and from India.

These fabrics can be used to make a Cat Ball, Jumbo Cat Ball or a Cat Canoe.

Everything is washable, but you need to follow my care instructions.

Cat Ball Giveaway with Caren and Cody

I enjoy offering product giveaways via other people’s blogs. I usually get a lot of great feedback on the fabrics that I offer, and the event feels fun and friendly.

We are currently offering a Cat Ball giveaway in partnership with Cat Chat.

I love Caren’s blog because she generates a warm feeling of supportive friendship and she is really enthusiastic and sincere when she likes something. You can Count on Caren to give you an honest opinion, and you can count on Cody to deliver a funny photo.

Stop by Cat Chat to leave a comment to win a Cat Ball. Deadline to win is Monday, January 30th, 2012. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 1st, 2011, and we will follow up with a discount code so you can get a great deal on one of my hand made Cat Balls if you aren’t the lucky winner.

Jackson Galaxy

I love getting photos from my customers!

This is Chippy, who is one of Jackson Galaxy’s cats. According to Jackson, she’s claimed ownership of it. It sounds like she might not want to share it with anyone else!

Isn’t she pretty?

Jackson Galaxy is a musician and professional Cat Behaviorist who now has a fun and educational television show on Animal Planet called My Cat From Hell.

Big Cats in Small Balls

You know how big a big cat can be?

The Longest Cat in the World is over four feet long!

His name is Stewie (well, it’s actually Mymains Stewart Gilligan) and he’s a breathtaking beauty. You really get a feeling of his grand size and beautiful features in this YouTube video.

Stewie was the winner of my Cat Ball contest sponsored by HauteOrNotPets.

Up to this time, the biggest cat I’d seen in one of my Cat Balls was about 15 pounds. I’m not sure how much Stewie weighs, but if he’s over 4 feet long, he’s got to weigh more than 15 pounds!  Here are some photos of Stewie using his new Cat Ball. We aren’t sure if he’s hanging out ’cause he doesn’t fit, or just to look totally adorable!

Cats Who Model

I’ve seen some cats on teh interwebz who are quite good at modeling. I bet you have, too. But have you seen this one? Handsome Abyssinian Toki (not his official name, but his ears look more like a “Toki” than a “GP Ataraxia Nantucket of Instincts”), the model for the Etsy shop CATatelier, is a great example of a good feline model. His exotic good looks really stand out, and he looks absolutely exceptional in Julie Song’s lovely designs. Isn’t he a debonair feline?

On the other hand, my two cats have gone on strike. Now they just go and sit in front of the Cat Ball and stare at me, refusing to get in and do cute things for the camera. They completely lack Toki’s grace and poise. My cats look like they came straight out of a white trash trailer park.

I really wish that my cats would learn a thing or two about modeling from Toki! Blog Giveway Winner!

In November 2011 I worked with to do a special Cat Ball giveaway.

This Cat Ball was designed specifically for the event, and there were over 1,400 entries!

Little miss Darby of Deleware was the lucky feline winner. Here are some photos of pretty kitty Darby hanging out in her new fur trimmed Christmas Cat Ball!

Her humans added a grey fleece blanket inside to help keep Darby toasty warm, and I think she likes it!